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We use Nordic Chem Antimicrobial coating to give people peace of mind and restores confidence in your business premises.

Treatment of porous and non-porous surfaces will inhibit bacteria viruses from multiplying. This makes your businesses safer, this shows you care about customer safety, and that leads to more business!

This not only does it appeal to your customers, but it benefits your business as well because fewer pathogens mean few sick days for employees!

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This new generation of antimicrobial coatings is water-based.
The coatings contain no VOC, heavy metals, formaldehyde treatment, phenol groups, or odor-causing agents that can lead to allergies or asthma.

Awareness initiative combating against COVID-19

The initiative designed to promote peace of mind to business occupants and speed up the return to normal operation!

We use Nordic Chem Antimicrobial coating to provide surface protection solutions across a range of industries, private entities, government institutions, and manufacturers: Public Transport, Hospitals, First Responders, Homes, Gyms, Textiles, Schools, Restaurants, Casinos, and many more.

Utilization of antimicrobial coating technology creates a healthier environment for you, your patients, clients, and family, without the use of harmful chemicals.

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Return back in business!

‘Protect Here’ has two main objectives.
  1. Restore businesses to normal operation and profitability by implementing a clear confident surface hygiene program.
  2. Implement Nordic Chem antimicrobial coating into a range of businesses and government institutions to help them return to normal operations.
    The coating and the initiative are applied by trained professionals and our team at ‘Protect Here’ is ready and willing to adapt and fulfill the needs of each business.

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